Wood Flooring

ACS is specialised in renovating wood floor. Our Floor Sanding Experts will assess your floor and recommend the ideal solution. This normally involves resealing with whatever has been used previously: lacquer, hardwax or oil.

There are three types of wooden flooring: Solid wood, laminate and engineered wood

Solid wood flooring consists of whole planks of wood that fix to a subframe. Usually, you’ll come across these as floorboards. Or, as hardwood Parquet wood blocks laid on a subfloor. Hardwood comes in a variety of species, with different colours and grains.  Oak, maple and walnut are some of the more popular hardwoods available. But, softwood pine is very common if you’re restoring a Victorian house and need something to match the existing. 

Laminate flooring looks like wood but is a thin layer of plastic bonded to a sheet of MDF. The plastic laminate will have an image of wood printed onto it. In this way, the laminate can be of any wood type to suit your design scheme. 

Engineered wood is a thin veneer of real wood bonded to plywood. The veneer can be sanded and finished just like real wood using polyurethane satin or gloss finish varnish. 

TILES & Laminate Floor

We provide tile & laminate flooring all around your house or commerce. Specialised in Bathrooms, Kitchens and outdoors.