Our team is specialised in making your dream home come true, by extending your house you will not only gain extra space but also add extra value to it.

The planning stages

We work closely with the most experienced and qualified professionals in the UK, our engineer and architects will make your life easier, advising you on what would be the best way of conducting the job, planning is key as it can save you time and money, after this first step all we need is a authorisation from the Local Authority which is submitted by our professionals.

The conduction stages

Once the Local authority approves the project. The planning stages is past us; it is time to get to work, our construction team will complete the work with the best quality and meeting our agreed timing.

Book a free no-obligation consultation today and benefit from our experience by letting our TEAM Of Experts help you find some of the best solutions to the space problem. 

Kitchen Extension

The kitchen is where most families spend most of the time, our professionals will extend your kitchen with the lightening of your liking, with the best quality materials, windows and door always with a high-end finish and details.

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There are three types of extensions side return, rear and wrap around. Depending on your needs and the regulations, this work can be carried as soon as we have come to an agreement, in other cases a permission needs to be

Loft -partial or complete

ACS has a team ready to help you  extend your home upwards into your roof space creating any type of atmosphere you choose, no matter if it is a master bedroom, playroom, spare room or art room we are ready to make your dream come true. If you want the sun to stream in through generous double aspect Velux windows, a floor to ceiling glazed wall or through the doors to your balcony. You can add extra height, space at home or somewhere to escape to for a little relaxed ‘me’ time… Then our team of skilled architects, interior designers and tradespeople will make it happen.

ACS’s step by step progress


One of our specialised loft designers will meet with you to analyse your space. Let you know what the possibilities for that space and your desires are. We will let you know the likelihood of a planning permission being needed.


We will be working closely with experienced and well qualified architects on this, and help you issue th planning permission. Our team will also let you know the amount of time to complete the work and will do everything to work within your budget.

Project Admin

We will allocate a project admin to dedicate to managing your project, this person will manage your project, the constructors and designers and will also be available to answer any questions you have and keep you updated.


Transform your old garage into a new clear modern one. We provide you with asbestos and non-asbestos roof replace, help you choose a suitable door, add a toilet, create your dream office, gym or workshop. Our team is ready to make your dream come true.