Platering on the Ceiling & Floating

We is specialised in plasterboards, also known as drywall, wall board, gypsum board, is used in the construction of interior walls and ceilings. Our professionals have years of experience in plastering. The plasterboard can be insulated, to help to maintain room temperature, also for soundproofing particularly airborne sounds such as speech and music.

Most common plasterboards come with the option of either tapered edge or square edge. While square edge is generally used for textured finishes, tapered edge boards are ideal for jointing and skimming.

Standard plasterboard is ideal for most environments, but it shouldn’t be used in constantly wet environments. For kitchens, bathrooms and similar wet areas, plasterboards specially designed with silicone additives in the core or non-combustible glass reinforced gypsum boards should be used.


The process of floating is used to get perfectly flat surfaces. It is generally done with a float which is available in various types and materials including plastic, sponge or wood. These are built in a way so that they can float perfectly on the plaster. While wood float is used to give a slightly rough finish, sponge is used on surfaces that dry out quickly

Floating is generally done 20-30 minutes after plastering the surface. Sometimes darby is used to level the plaster followed by floating. Float puts pressure on the plaster making it even and fills in the holes. Along with walls, floating is also done on the ceilings, on the plaster of exterior walls, also known as render and on concrete. It is also used to finish pointed walls and grout tiles.



We believe that choosing ACS for commercial cleaning means choosing the best. We not only offer each client a dedicated account manager but also make sure we put your needs first. So, when you choose to have your daily commercial cleans with us, you get a service that’s designed for you, carried out by highly trained, polite and trustworthy commercial cleaning operatives, and we’ll make sure that we communicate with you regularly to ensure our level of service remains high.

Why Choose Us

Fully insured staff members

100% positive feedback

Great results

All staff trained to the highest standard

All our staff are fully trained and insured to carry our commercial cleaning

We supply all the best cleaning products and best commercial cleaning equipment to ensure a high quality clean

Fully equipped

Fully insured

Guaranteed professional service

We work closely with our clients to we meet their strict criteria

High quality office clean for an affordable price

We carry out random spot checks on our cleaners to ensure the cleans meet our expectations

After building cleaning

Our after building Clean would Includes

ACS Services specialises in after build cleaning not only the buildings and refurbishments we provide but that other companies provide. Our team is specialists at removing all dirt and dust, whether you have just had your home or business refurbished or decorated we can help get your property clean and dust free. We will send our highly trained team in to remove all the dirt and dust and make your house a home again in a matter of hours

Clean all windows, window sills from inside

Clean all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. cupboards/wardrobes inside and out

Clean all skirting and doors

Wash the tiles and all basins in the bathroom

Clean & polish all kitchen, bedroom, living room and etc. surfaces and wooden works

Clean & polish bathrooms/toilets

Hoover and mop all floors and stairs

Clean all sockets and switches

Carpet Cleaning

As all other services we provide, carpet cleaning could not be any different, we only use the best products, machines and professionals. ACS’s team is not only well trained but all experienced, we not only remove stains and deodorise your carpet, but also have all your needs covered.

All our carpet cleaning technicians are trained to ensure we deliver a high standard clean every time. We tailor our carpet cleaning service to our clients needs or requirements at an affordable price and a time that best suits them. 

Our carpet cleaning procedure is as follows: 

A pre-inspection: Our team will inspect the carpet in order to let you know what can or cannot be done.

Moving furniture: Light furniture will be moved away, but do not worry – at the end of the process we will return it on its place. Of course, we will not move anything heavy or breakable.

Pre-treatment: The cleaning process begins with pre-treatment of your carpet to help remove any tough stains.

Cleaning: We use high pressured hot water extraction cleaning method for a thorough deep clean.

Post-inspection: Final look at the job along with you in order to ensure you are satisfied; we aim to remove 98% of all stains.

Deodorise carpet for a long lasting fresh and clean smelling carpets.